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Sales Services Transfer from Tirana Airport Organizing selling property Car rental program under our Rent-a-Car Introduction to real estate market Visit the site of the immovable property legal advice Assists in organizing the financing / bank account opening An option for Attorney Representation, in order to be able to finish the documentation for when you leave. Discussion After-sales services through Saranda Invest Property are such as: Terms of Property Management and Lease Management. Reserving payment of 2,000 euros for apartment includes all the above services Rental Properties in Albania Saranda Property Invest offers apartments, villas, offices and commercial buildings for rent in Albania. We have a vast experience in the service industry apartments for rent. Thousands of satisfied customers. Your accommodation confirmation within 1-2 days. Effective support to clients within 24 hours. We offer these services to make your stay as comfortable Albania. We are here to advise you on the letting market, applicable laws, taxes and inform you how to maximize rental income from your property in Albania. We will take responsibility to ensure that your property is rented in accordance with all local and state laws to Albania. Once you have decided to collaborate with our management plan, we will take photos of your property and to take into our website, as well as other countries with whom we cooperate. Albania Property Management Saranda Invest Property will take care to maintain and oversee your property. These services will be offered through our company Saranda Property Invest. Maintenance and services offered are: 1 cleaning per month It will cover a thorough cleaning of the apartment. Payment of bills and annual fees Payment of bills and keeping our offices. Invoices will be paid under your name if required Inventory control for content We will take care that everything be fine in your flat and your will care if lessee in your neighborhood. Visual inspection inside the apartment, and check for any visible defect Providing visits to your property to check everything is OK, with additional controls during times of rainfall Ensure that your property's doors, windows and shutters are safe Your property will be aired every flower watered inside the house will Testing of all electrical appliances and equipment Make sure all equipment is working well and without problems Examination of all furniture and furnishings Check all plumbing and sanitary equipment Preparation and submission of monthly report Maintain a documentation of visits to the property. This documentation will be kept in our office for you to inspect at any time Inform you by e-mail if there are any problems Contact by email / phone if there are any urgent issues to be addressed In case of any problem, we will deliver to you by email a report on this problem with the suggested solution. On these services has an agreement with the agency commission and client. Project Management In today's global market, complexity and speed are everything. We offer our clients project management skills, tools, and techniques needed for a wide range of activities in order to meet the specific requirements of the project. We are able to lead your project through the various stages of the project requires as: start of work, planning, execution, monitoring and closing processes controlling time and cost management. Offer includes: Initial market insight and recommendations for investors. Establishing a legal framework to allow the developer to operate in Albania. Setting up a tax efficient structure to deliver the project. Finding land for the project and manaxhojme full purchase process. Assisting in the project design to meet market demands. Creating a team with local contacts for investors to bring the project to life through planning. Providing location and construction permit. Recommendation of a local team builder to start construction of the project, and a team of independent oversight. Selling off plan project to project financing installment buyers. Our tariff is in agreement

Real estates

Cod. 41412

Prodaja Једнособан стан, Албанија, Sarandë, Saranda, Sarande

Једнособан стан

56 m²
Луксузни апартмани уз море Позивајући се на велику потражњу за становима на албанској ривијери, желимо вам представити овај пројекат станова Луксузни...
Cod. 41403

Prodaja Остало (земљишта), Албанија, Sarandë, Saranda, Sarande

Остало (земљишта)

1800 m²
Грађевинско земљиште на продају у Саранди Земљиште (грађевинско земљиште) 1800 м / 2 Земљиште је подијељено на мање парцеле. Земљиште је подијељено...
Cod. 41390

Prodaja Трособан стан, Албанија, Sarandë, Saranda, Sarande

Трособан стан

365 m²
На продају пентхоусе Сун’с Раис Плаце Ова зграда је изграђена 2021 Укупна површина стана: 365 м / 2 Унутрашњи простор 118 м / 2 Веранда 238 м / 2 ...
Cod. 41389

Prodaja Двособан стан, Албанија, Sarandë, Saranda, Street skenderbeu

Двособан стан

98 m²
Три стана на располагању за продају Ова зграда је изграђена 2021 Станови доступни на три, четири, пет спратова Укупна површина апартмана: 98 м / 2 ...
Cod. 41388

Prodaja Двособан стан, Албанија, Sarandë, Saranda, Sarande

Двособан стан

99 m²
Двоетажни стан са погледом на море Ова зграда је изграђена 2021 Укупна површина стана: 99 м / 2 Унутрашњи простор 83м / 2 Заједничко окружење 9 м ...
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